Parent Teacher Association

Birchanger Primary School has a thriving PTA, known as ‘The Friends of Birchanger School’, membership of which is open to all parents, teachers and friends of Birchanger. The objectives of the organisation are both social and financial. As a Parent or Carer of a child at Birchanger School you are automatically a member of the ‘Friends’. Everyone is welcome to join the Committee, or to volunteer as a Class Representative.

When becoming involved with ‘The Friends’, it is not only a great way to help your child’s school, it is also a brilliant way of getting to know parents and staff!

Over the years the Committee has organised a number of highly enjoyable social and fund-raising events, which have enabled the school to purchase items such as Notebook computers for KS1 and KS2 students, new Library furniture, a PA system, Picnic Games Tables, Maths Games, a £25 per head contribution towards educational trips and £300 wish lists for each teacher – amongst other things.

We aim to raise around £5,000 + every year to supply the children with the extras the school is unable to provide, with last year’s funds providing the following for this school year:

  1. £2,500 Forest School funding for years 1 to 6
  2. £25 per child towards educational trips (in addition to any already provided by the school)
  3. £300 wish list for each teacher to spend on items required for their class
  4. KS1 Nativity Costumes budget
  5. End of year play budget
  6. Mother’s Day & Father’s Day Presents

We organise a varied programme of events each year such as the Summer Fayre and Christmas Bazaar plus year round fundraisers such as Cake Stalls, Ice Cream Sales, the 100 Club, School Discos and Summer Ball and the Cinema Club – all of which are very strongly supported by our generous parents and staff.

How does ‘The Friends’ association work?

You can join as a Committee Member, come to meetings, receive minutes and get involved – we are always happy to welcome new committee members – if you would like to volunteer for this please let Charlotte Laws or Emma Smith. Finally, even if you do not wish to help with the organising, you can still help by supporting all the events and activities.

What do you have to do if you become a member?

Well, absolutely nothing if you don’t want to. But the funds do not raise themselves!

If you value all the extras that your child is benefiting from, please do consider helping. Even the smallest contribution is always worthwhile. If every parent gave just 1 hour each school term that would make a huge amount of difference.

Many parents have very young children, work full time or have other time consuming commitments. Very often you can help from home, or bring younger children with you. You do not have to attend meetings (although you will be very welcome if you can). Do you have an idea or suggestion that might just make difference? There are always new things to try, and new ways to do existing things, that might just raise a little more money. Please get involved and help to make a difference. If you are in a position to give a little time it will be greatly appreciated by the school, the children and other active members of the PTA.

Committee roles for 2017/2018

Chair- Charlotte Laws
Vice Chair – Katharine Graham
Secretary – Kirstie Waite
Treasurer – Emma Smith

Trustee responsibilities

Birchanger 10k  – Maxine Williams & Esther Richards
Summer Fete  – TBC
Leavers Ball  – Year 6 parents
Adult Party – Esther Richards & Maxine Williams
Christmas Cards  – Selina Rankin & Stacy Sturgeon
Christmas Bazaar  – All Committee Members
100 Club  – Charlotte Laws, Kirstie Waite & Maxine Williams
HAppy School Bag/Recycling  – Stacy Sturgeon
Easyfundraising /EDU Voice  – Sarah Whiting
Cinema Club  – Lorraine Booker & Esther Richards
Mother’s Day Gifts – Vikki Stokes
Father’s Day Gifts – Lorraine Booker & Esther Richards

If you would like to receive a copy of the minutes following a PTA meeting please contact the secretary Kirstie Waite.

Raising funds for Birchanger School by using Easyfundraising

The Friends have subscribed to This is a not for profit online fundraising website that enables online shoppers to give cash donations to UK schools and charities for free. If you would like to support Birchanger School whilst shopping on line register for free at

School uniform

The PTA coordinates the supply of school uniform.

If you would like to contact us please send an email to the PTA at

The PTA is a registered charity. The Annual General meeting is held in the Autumn term to report on the previous year’s activities and to elect a new committee.

Any questions or suggestions?  Please feel free to email the Chair on