School uniform

We encourage children to wear a simple uniform, based on the colours navy blue and grey. Sweatshirts and other items embroidered with the school logo can be ordered through the School Trends Website (opens in a new window).

School uniform details

Boys Girls
Sky blue polo shirts/blue shirts Sky blue polo shirts/blue blouses
Grey trousers/shorts Grey skirt/pinafore dress/trousers
Navy sweatshirt/navy fleece Navy cardigan/navy fleece
Navy school coat – optional Navy school coat – optional
Light blue gingham summer dress – optional


Children should wear black school shoes. No trainers.

PE Kit

For PE kit, please note the following:

  • Sky blue t-shirt and navy sports shorts
  • Outdoor PE kit of navy jogging trousers and a navy sweatshirt and is recommended for the cold weather
  • Reception-Year 2 pupils should wear Plimsols or trainers
  • Year 3 -6 pupils should wear trainers
  • PE Kit should be kept in school so it is available every day. It will be sent home at half terms for washing


Children taking part in swimming lessons will require a swimming costume/trunks, swimming hat (girls and boys), and a towel on the appropriate day.


Children may wear a simple watch to school and may wear one pair of small stud earrings but no other jewellery should be worn.

In line with Essex County Policy, earrings must be removed for PE lessons.  It is no longer allowed to cover earrings, including newly pierced ears, with tape for PE.  We therefore recommend that if parents are planning to have children’s ears pierced, this is done at the beginning of the summer holidays so that earrings can be removed on return to school.


Small and large rucksacks embroidered with the school logo – available online.
Book bags are available from the school office and are priced at £4.75.
Water bottles are available from the school office and are priced at £1.30 each.

Lost Property

Please mark all items of clothing and footwear with your child’s name.  Please ask at the school office if an item has been lost.  Unnamed lost property is stored for a term and then disposed of.

Ordering School Uniform

Ordering of embroidered items is on-line and co-ordinated by the PTA. We have a simple and secure service for you to order your child’s school uniform on line and pay using a credit/debit card. Just visit the School Trends Website (opens in a new window).  This link should take you straight into the site with Birchanger School already selected for you.  If it does not, just type Birchanger into the school box to search for the school.

Orders are normally delivered into school packaged individually for your child.  However, occasionally (during the summer) orders will be delivered during the school holiday.  A member of the PTA will personally deliver Reception Class uniform orders to your home in time for the new term in September.  Older year groups are kindly requested to ensure their orders are placed in time to allow for delivery to the school during term-time.


Uniform orders are processed by School Trends on the 1st of each month.

We hold limited stock and items cannot be returned to School Trends as they are embroidered with the school logo. It is therefore important to get sizing right.